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Kinesio Taping Webinar

Alison Taylor graduated as an Occupational Therapist in 1990, from Sydney University, Australia. She has worked in and out of the US for over 30 years and obtained her CHT in 2001. Since that time Alison has presented at 6 ASHT Conferences and was invited to present at the Asia Pacific Hand Surgery and Hand Therapy Conference in Melbourne, Australia 2020.

In addition to this Alison has lectured at multiple state ASHT and OT conferences, and special interest group meetings in GA, IL, NH, TX and LA, CA.

She became a Kinesio Taping Instructor in 2011, and actively lectures throughout the USA teaching the KT 1-2-3-4(Hand and Neuro Curriculum). Alison is a guest lecturer for the OT programs at Texas Women’s University (Denton) and LSU (Shreveport). She lectures nationally and internationally on Hand Therapy and Tendonitis and is developing protocols for lateral and medial epicondylitis. Click on the image to purchase the recording.

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