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Weekly CMMS Podcasts 

with Robyn Midgley

Monday: YouTube (@robynmidley)

Thursday: Spotify

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Podcast Interviews

Hand Therapy Heroes 

Hosted by Susan Weiss OTR/L CHT

Robyn Midgley - Casting to resolve stiffness

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Episode Info

39 MINS JULY 5, 2019

This episode will rock your world if you are not familiar with CMMS - Casting Motion To Mobilize Stiffness.


Robyn Midgley has created a means for us to understand how cortical function allows patients to regain motion which they may have lost for a very long time.  She has a vision of curing stiff hands around the world and she is set to do just that. She will discuss with us why our classic means of treating stiff hand with repetitive passive motion or traditional orthosis has left us scratching our heads with what else to do for chronically stiff hands.  


She shares with us why focused motor attention is needed and how CMMS will address this.  Listen to Robyn and open your mind to the idea that active motion can increase passive motion with the proper redirection.   

Therapy Entrepreneurs

Hosted by Dmitry Shevchenko (COO of HelloNote)

Interview with Robyn Midgley OT, ECHT Creator of CMMS Course

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