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Kinesio Taping - Trio of Courses

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

We have created a unique trio of Kinesio Tape courses for Occupation and Physiotherapists treating Hand & Upper Extremity Conditions. You may ask what is so special about these Kinesio Tape courses? Well, these courses bring you more than 3 decades of Alison Taylor's experience and unique approach to the application of KinesioTape to treat a variety of upper extremity conditions. These courses bring you the 'Alison Taylor Approach' to applying Kinesio Tape to successfully reduce pain and enhance function in the Hand and Upper Extremity. Each course is 3 hours long and will give you the knowledge and skills that you need to apply Kinesio Tape effectively to treat a variety of common conditions. All conditions that will be addressed can be found in the link. Please click the button, select your course and view the course content. When you enrol, you will be provided with access to our Membership Site. We encourage you to attend the course live as it will be engaging and interactive, but if you are unable to attend live you will be able to access your training through the membership site once the course is completed. EXTRA BONUSES: You will receive direct access to all instructional video's so that you can easily review them again and again. You will receive 3 CEU's per course through the Hand Therapy Certification Commission and receive a certificate. You will receive complimentary access to Robyn Midgley's CMMS Membership Club for 3 months and receive additional mentoring and training. You will receive one-one assistance from Alison Taylor. You are one step closer to becoming a certified Kinesio Tape Practitioner as this course will assist you to prepare for your certification.

To Purchase a course or a bundle use this link:

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