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Kinesio Tape - Wrist

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Join, Alison Taylor, the hand therapy world’s leading Occupational Therapist, lecturer and pioneer in the application of Kinesio taping for the hand.

Alison Taylor will break down the basic concepts of taping for the wrist. This is intended to give the participant the knowledge & skills of how to apply Kinesio Tape to common wrist conditions.



History and Basic outline of the concepts of Kinesio Taping for the wrist

Dequervain’s Tenosynovitis     EDF Taping for swelling and pain     Muscle taping with fascia application     Joint alignment and stability taping- PCR and Pisiform

Wrist Sprains     EDF taping     Functional correction taping     Ligament taping

TFCC and Ulna Sided Wrist Pain     EDF taping for swelling and pain     Medial Elbow taping     Muscle taping for ECU/FCU

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