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Kinesio Tape - Hand & Thumb

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Join Alison Taylor, the hand therapy world’s leading Occupational Therapist, lecturer and pioneer in the application of Kinesio taping for the hand.



History and Basic outline of the concepts of Kinesio Taping for the hand & thumb

Carpometacarpal Joint

             EDF taping for swelling and pain

             WEB cuts

             Fascia Taping for unwinding tissue              Joint alignment and stability taping

Finger Fractures and sprains             EDF Taping for Swelling and pain             Fascia taping for unwinding tissue             Metacarpal Joint Alignment             Finger Joint Alignment

Trigger Fingers            Muscle taping for imbalance- pre-surgery            Taping for pain - post surgery            Taping for alignment- post surgery    

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome            EDF taping for swelling and pain            Carpal tunnel taping- pre and post surgery            Scar taping- post surgery

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