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Kinesio Tape - Elbow & Shoulder

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Join Alison Taylor, the hand therapy world’s leading Occupational Therapist, lecturer and pioneer in the application of Kinesio Taping for the elbow & shoulder.

Alison Taylor will break down the basic concepts of taping for the Elbow and Shoulder. This is intended to give the participant the knowledge & skills of how to apply Kinesio Tape to common Elbow and Shoulder conditions.



History and Basic outline of the concepts of Kinesio Taping for the elbow & shoulder Lateral Epicondylitis     EDF taping     Muscle Taping- Wrist and elbow     Radial Head Joint correction

Medial Epicondylitis     EDF taping     Olecranon Taping     Medial collateral taping     Muscle taping in upper quadrant.

Shoulder Tendonitis     EDF taping     Muscle Taping- Biceps Brachii and Pectoralis Major     Rhomboid Functional correction     Serratus Anterior.

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