New Developments In The Management of Flexor Tendon Injuries with a Panel of Experts


Join us on Saturday 22nd January at 16:00 GMT (+2) featuring Dr Paulvalery Roulette, Dr Donald Lalonde, Jenn Sager & Robyn Midgley as our panel of experts on the New Developments in the Management of Flexor Tendon Injuries, with specific reference to the use of WALANT & CMMS FREE LIVE WEBINAR.


Learn the skills that can change your practice. This webinar will be led by Dr Paulvalery Roulette & Jenn Sager, CHT. They will present and discuss their most challenging flexor tendon injury cases and how they applied WALANT & CMMS to ensure excellent patient outcomes. Thereafter, Dr Donald Lalonde & Robyn Midgley will join the presenters on an open panel discussion on current concepts in the management of flexor tendon injuries.


Robyn Midgley & Jenn Sager will propose a new protocol for the management of complicated flexor tendon repairs, which appear to be failing, in an attempt to prevent the need for additional salvage procedures. Robyn & Jenn will also highlight potential areas of audit and research into the proposed protocol to guide best clinical practice.



If you are a surgeon or a hand therapist and would like to advance your practice and achieve better outcomes for your patients then this webinar is for you.

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